About us

Ananda in Sanskrit means “bliss” it is certainly bliss to be in Nepal. We are one of the prestigious trekking and tours agencies in Nepal based at Kathmandu. The agency was created by a small group of travel professionals who have long experience in all sectors of tourism. Arranging trips is a passion and our goal is to fulfill our clients’ utmost dream travel experience.

Ananda Adventure, a Nepali trekking & tour agency specializing in Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet tourism, started operation in 2006. Since its inception, we have been organizing tour itineraries at discount prices as well as providing accommodations at standard, deluxe and luxury hotels and resorts. Working in collaboration with some of the world’s top tour operators based in Italy, France, UK, Canada and Switzerland, we have escorted people from Europe, North America and Australia. As inbound and outbound tour operators, we are lead by cultural and travel experts with over 30 years experience, who provide clients with rich immersion into the natural and cultural heritage of our extraordinary Asian destinations. Having employed a work force of well-experienced, result oriented, and youthful team members, we take up any challenge – with a personal and personable touch. Our rates are calculated to provide fair compensation for all members of our team.

We have a very high percentage of return clients who base their destination choices on our availability. We’ve earned this respect by offering right-priced travel adventures that provide a valuable itineraries that are always lead with a personal touch.

We create varied itineraries comprising all levels of trekking, discovery travels and meet people or off the beaten track, jeep safaris, climbing cultural tours. We regularly look forward to the prospect of offering new routes and thus opening up new economic opportunities for local people. The quality of our services and the professional skills of our local team allow for out-of-the-box experiences for our clients while providing them with confident guidance and peace of mind.


Maitri Travels & Tours and Ananda Adventure Treks Pvt Ltd is a privately owned company that was founded in 1991 and 2006, respectively in Nepal. With a team of trained, experienced, and dedicated executives on board, Ananda Adventure serves both corporate and leisure travelers with comprehensive travel management consulting services, available 24/7 throughout the year. Maitri manages ticketing and tours, while Ananda Adventure specializes in treks and climbing expeditions.


As a leading tour and trek agency, we excel at managing micro-level needs such as airline bookings, hotel reservations, and arranging tours and treks. For leisure travelers, we go the extra mile to pamper them during their well-deserved vacations. We take care of their accommodations, organize sightseeing adventures, arrange trekking experiences, and much more. Our services cater to both the hardcore mountaineers and leisurely nature trekkers, ensuring a memorable and fulfilling journey for all.


At Maitri Travels & Tours and Ananda Adventure Treks Pvt Ltd, our approach to managing your travel experience starts with exceptional people. Our team consists of passionate travel, tour, and trek specialists who possess years of industry experience and a deep understanding of how to ensure customer delight. We strive to understand our clients at multiple levels, including culturally, commercially, and geographically. We are affiliated with Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Nepal Government, Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Association of Tour & Travel Agents (NAATA)


Hem Raj Bastola, the founder of both Maitri Travels & Tours and Ananda Adventure Treks Pvt Ltd, has an impressive background in the travel industry. He completed his education in Darjeeling, where he graduated from higher secondary class 12. He then pursued his commerce studies in Bangalore, India. Hem Raj Bastola embarked on his career as a tour officer and ticketing officer from 1985 to 1990 at Natraj Travels, a prestigious company. In 1991, Hem Raj Bastola established Maitri Travels & Tours. Over the years, he successfully secured group partnerships with companies from Denmark, showcasing his ability to forge international connections. Hem Raj Bastola’s dedication to the industry led him to participate in travel fairs across various countries, including Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Greece, Madrid, and China. Moreover, Hem Raj Bastola actively contributed to the formation and development of tourism organizations in collaboration with the Nepal Tourism Board, focusing on Eastern Nepal. He also held the esteemed position of founder president for NATTA (Nepal Association of Tour & Travel Agents), further demonstrating his commitment to advancing the tourism sector. One of Hem Raj Bastola’s notable achievements includes the discovery of the new trekking route to Kanchenjunga South Base Camp in May 2019. This route, starting from Pasupatinagar (Illam), offers unique and awe-inspiring trekking experiences for adventure enthusiasts.

Lastly, Hem Raj Bastola manages a cozy hotel named Hotel Krishna International in Bhadrapur, Jhapa, Nepal. This establishment reflects his commitment to providing excellent hospitality services to travelers visiting the region. Maitri Travels & Tours and Ananda Adventure Treks Pvt Ltd, under the leadership of Hem Raj Bastola, continually strive to deliver exceptional travel experiences, making every journey memorable and satisfying for our valued clients.